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What Clients and peers have to say

What clients have to say. . .

"Ken possesses an uncanny gift...insight infused with compassion and depth. I find myself being lead toward a higher perspective which enables me to believe in and act towards creating the best life possible for myself."
D.S., New Jersey

"I had been living in the shadows" I am now dancing in the sun! Ken woke me up! My outlook on myself has changed. I not only recognize my true worth, but I now recognize that I am capable of unbelievable accomplishment. My goals and dreams have become bigger and I am braver."
Jean Fedora, Massachusetts
Model Scout and Public Speaker

"With your guidance I have been able to experience and look at things differently, which has opened up a whole new world. It has strengthened me to believe again in my self and what I stand for. Very powerful...

Specifically, you have allowed me to be just that - Me! Without criticism or judgment, you have encouraged and been there for me. I'm excited and looking forward to every day with anticipation of learning more about me and what I'm here to do. I would want others (potential clients) to know that Ken is always there for you, and that he is someone you can trust as your guide on your journey. With Ken's encouragement I have stepped out and am exploring the wonderful world of coaching, for to be able to give to others what Ken has given me would be a blessing in itself."
Peter L. Eyl, New Jersey
Entrepreneur and coach

I believe there are certain people that enter our lives and create an everlasting impression on the way we view life, whether they be teachers, friends, mentors or passing acquaintances; to me, Ken Mossman is one of those people.

I was not at all surprised that Ken expanded his horizons by becoming a life coach. This transition seems a natural progression in light of his innate abilities, his personal and professional integrity and his natural desire to enhance the well-being of others. Ken is a genuinely good human being and that makes him an exceptional coach. He has made a real and lasting difference in my life, and I am a better person for it.

I first met Ken approximately ten years ago when I was looking for a personal trainer. I was very overweight at the time, suffering from an eating disorder and had never previously engaged in any regular exercise program. From the outset of our relationship, Ken not only provided me with professional guidance and advice concerning my training as we worked together to improve my physical condition, he also possessed the unique ability to motivate me to achieve health and fitness goals that I never thought attainable. In addition, Ken consistently worked with me on my emotional well-being as we worked together to improve my physical condition, resulting in an ultimate weight loss of over 100 pounds. Throughout the process, Ken's guidance and unique approach enabled me to become not only physically fit, but mentally and emotionally stronger as well.

After training with Ken for several years, I moved from New Jersey to Connecticut and it was no longer possible for me to work with Ken in-person. After a break of a couple of years following the move, we began conducting our sessions by telephone. Once again, as a result of the talent and abilities that seem to come so naturally to Ken, he was able to guide me back to where we had left off several years earlier, and even further expanded our work together to include areas that we had not previously addressed.

I have derived more benefit from my coaching sessions with Ken than I could have ever achieved through in-person sessions with any other professional. He possesses an innate ability to bring out the best in those he coaches.

Before I met Ken Mossman, I would look at a mountain and strive to reach the summit as quickly as possible. I now look at the journey to the top, and the stops along the way, as the true measure of having arrived.
J.A., Connecticut

What peers have to say

"Working with Ken Mossman has opened up my life to unlimited possibilities. He has the unique ability to point a client toward their highest potential while being powerfully present with what is happening in the moment. Ken helps clients experience their own greatness and I am very grateful to have him in my life." Sincerely,
Celeste M. Warner, Massachusetts

"I've both worked with Ken in the milieu of coaching and watched Ken at work in various leadership roles. I am awed by his commitment, passion and presence - commitment to the integrity of the moment, passion for truth, play and excellence and the soul light that emanates from his being. He is living the gift that he is fully." Monique Morimoto Flaherty, M.S., CPCC

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