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Welcome to the Resources page. What you'll find below is a list of - you guessed it - Resources! Do some clickin', and please do give me feedback on what you find useful and what else you'd like to see here.
Happy surfing!

General Cool Stuff:

Soulutions Leadership and Coaching
My partners in crime, as it were... Want to take your business or team to new heights? Did you say team-building? Did you say leadership development? Did you mean it? Call us when you're ready!

The Coaches Training Institute
My coaching Alma Mater. Coach training, CoActive Leadership Course, and much more.

Life Coaches with The Coach Connection
Achieve your work and life goals. Become more energized, reduce or eliminate stress, by connecting with your own life coach. Money-Back Guarantee.

Life and Business Coach Steve Mitten, MCC
Master Certified Coach (and former ICF President) Steve Mitten works one-to-one with individuals and independent professionals to help them find the right path and get the results they want. (Steve also offers cool business-building programs for budding and experienced coaches...)

Lead with Heart, Live in Balance with Marcia Dorfman
Leadership Coaching for thirty- and forty-something entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs keen to tune in, get clear, and pay attention to what matters. Learn how to lead with heart and live in balance with Marcia Dorfman, professional certified coach, as your challenger and champion.
Robert Cornish and company provide a strengths-based experiential program that will take your breath away! Catch them if you can...

ICF Accredited NLP Coaching
The NLP and Coaching Institute of California offers premiere personal and professional development courses in ICF Coach Certification Training, NLP Practitioner Certification, and NLP Master Practitioner Certification...

General Atomic
Nothing whatsoever to do with coaching. But Paul's site will give you some insight into my family. Always fun stuff, and a honkin' genius of web and graphic design.

Heron Glass
Incredible artistry in a seductive medium. Hey, I'm proud of my brother! Check out Ralph and Mary's work...

Cool Fatherhood Stuff:

CoActive Network Fatherhood Community
A community by and for Fathers...

Sean Casey LeClaire
Sean has written a book every man would do well to own: Hug an Angry Man and you will see he is crying. Visit his site, say hello, and buy his book.

"Mr. Dad" - Author and Fatherhood Expert, Armin Brott
Armin, known worldwide as "Mr. Dad," is the author of several international best-selling books on Fatherhood. He's also the host of the radio show "Positive Parenting" and one of the world's top experts and spokepersons on the subject of Fatherhood. His site is a brilliant resource for fathers of every stripe - and the folks who love and support them...

Executive Dads
Jeffrey Levine works with executive fathers, and publishes two wonderful monthly newsletters.
One of the most complete resources for fathers on the web! Articles and essays by fathers for fathers - to inspire, encourage and challenge - an active discussion forum, too...

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