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Seven Navigational
Tools for New Waters


Beginning Tuesday, January 23, 2018!

The Integrated Adult Man Teleclass

A Men's Journey from Separation to Connection

There has perhaps never been a more confusing time to be a man. We live in a fast-moving culture of polarization and painful separation. Outdated cultural stereotypes of masculine power and manhood are proving hollow, exhausting, unsustainable, downright damaging and quite frankly, not much fun at all...

And all of that was brewing well before #MeToo..!

The Integrated Adult Man Teleclass is a Six-Part Journey for Men who know it's time for a change, who see the writing on the wall - and recognize it as an invitation!

Participants can expect:

  • to talk about stuff that really matters

  • to connect with other like-minded men and build community

  • to bust a myth or two about emotions

  • to enhance connections with your spouse, children, partners, friends, etc.

  • to dig into your innate creativity - it's in there

  • to dip into irreverence and fun early and often!

  • This class is designed for men who've had some experience with looking at themselves through organized men's work, personal growth seminars, 12-step programs, coaching, etc. (Because of the nature of the material, this course is not intended for newcomers.) Be ready to slow down, step away from the fray and focus on the state of manhood around you and within you!

    Oh, and in case you need to hear it again, be prepared for more than a little irreverence and fun. Some icons are (very) likely to get knocked off the shelf...

    Class Logistics:

  • Six 75-Minute Conference Calls

  • Tuesdays, January 23 through March 6, 2018 (Note: No class on February 20)

  • 10:30 to 11:45 AM EST (7:30 to 8:45 AM PST, 3:30 to 4:45 PM GMT)

  • Investment: $349 Early enrollment extended to Thursday, Jan. 18, 2018 - $449 from Jan. 19

  • Course Registration includes one 45-minute one-on-one integration session, a $325 value!

  • Class size is limited to 15 participants

  • For questions and registration contact Ken Mossman

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