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Helping Fathers enjoy more Connection, Engagement, and Play with their Children...
And Effortless Creativity and Productivity at Work...

DadsNews is a free monthly newsletter - sometimes "museletter" - about Fatherhood, Family, Creativity and all the experiences associated with living a good, expressive life out here in the upper reaches of the food chain.

DadsNews is written for Fathers, folks who work with Fathers, those curious about fatherhood, and anyone else who's alive and enjoys a good personal story now and again.

What you, good reader, can expect is a monthly infusion of stories, wisdom, irreverence, opinion, and a healthy dose of wacky humor.

Since I'm a bit of a garden hack, expect many gardening references. And let's not forget skiing, art, skating and that all-too-rare activity, sitting still.

Just to be fair and say that I warned you, what you won't see is "how to" information about much of anything. C'mon... Do you really need more "how to" from another brilliant expert..? It's not that that stuff is bad, there's just tons of it out there and I happen to think that stories and thinking for one's self are so much meatier...

Don't be surprised to find loads of references to food and goings-on in the kitchen. Our kitchen is, shall we say, a rather magical place where Danielle and I go to muck about in our "Alchemical Mojo." Stay tuned - and keep your eyes peeled for the occasional recipe.

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Oh, by the way, DadsNews archives may be found on the Articles page. Go enjoy some previous issues...

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