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Executive, Business and Life Coaching for Men

Executive Coaching for Men? Life Coaching for Men? Business Coaching for Men?

Why would I want to work with a Coach who specializes in working with Men?
The first reason I can come up with is that you actually ARE a Man, perhaps even a Father, and that being one or both of those things is pretty darned important...
Beyond that, here are ten great starting places, in no particular order...

I would like to:
  1. Spend more time with my family. (Without feeling like I "should" be working.)
  2. Maximize my productivity at work. (Without feeling like I'm short-changing my family.)
  3. Start that business I've been thinking about since I was (what age?) years-old.
  4. Become a better communicator.
  5. Develop my creativity and kiss my excuses good-bye.
  6. Enhance the quality of my relationship with my life-partner and/or my children.
  7. Discover, refine and upgrade my "personal operating system," my values.
  8. Do work that nourishes my mind and spirit... and feeds my family.
  9. Build a living, breathing vision - for myself and my family - and learn to use it as a road-map.
  10. Create a lasting, sustainable legacy - and enjoy it while I'm still alive and kickin'.

Is Coaching for anybody and everybody?
Coaching is for those who are ready to commit to lasting change - and willing to invest time and energy in doing the rigorous work required to develop self-awareness and create new ways of thinking, behaving and relating.

Coaching is a process that has clients take a truthful, unflinching look at where they are and where they really want to go. The good news is you'll be taking full responsibility for yourself and your circumstances. The bad news is that taking full responsibility is not for everybody.

Coaching involves making financial and energetic investments in you and, quite frankly, like other commitments to one's self, is not something to be entered into quickly, lightly or without thought and consideration.

That said, when you are ready - when you know that you're hungry for change and that it's high-time to get on track and red-line your "Life-is-Way-Fun-O-Meter," then you're likely a very good candidate for coaching...

What's my next step?
For starters, it's best to get a sense of what working with a particular coach will be like for you. Like trying out a new car, the best way to find out if there's a good fit is to take a "test drive" and experience coaching for yourself.

Oh... By the way: The test-drive won't cost you a dime, and you'll get some very good stuff out of the experience - regardless of whether we continue to work together or not. Kinda cool, eh?

Drop me a note or give me a call at 518.580.0550, and we'll schedule a time to get together and kick the tires.


All Individual Programs are a minimum of Six Months in length.


Let’s be frank - sustainable growth and change that actually sticks takes time, commitment, energy, focus, discipline and, of course, practice, practice, practice - and over almost two decades of experience with this stuff, I’ve kinda discovered what works and what doesn’t.

A commitment to deep diving into learning and action over time works.

Short-term, in-and-out toe-dipping, forever considering the possibilities of fixing to maybe get started… Meh, not so much…

With all that in mind, here’s what’s up in the program offerings department:

Cirrus Six Month One-on-One Program: Twelve sessions over six months. Includes two 60-minute Discovery calls to get up and rolling followed by Ten 45-minute coaching sessions. Includes unlimited email support.
$3597 in full - or $649 monthly installments ($3894 total)

”Three Stories: A 10-Month ‘Integrated Adult’ Intensive”: Your life will tell a story and you’re already writing it. Why not make it a consciously authored, well-written “Great Story?”
”Three Stories: A 10-Month ‘Integrated Adult’ Intensive Experience” Includes Twenty 60-minute calls, an extensive collection of support materials - audios and documents designed to assist, guide and deepen your knowledge, understanding and experience, unlimited email support.

$8497 in full - or $1497 initial plus 9 installments of $817 monthly ($8850 total)

Custom Designed Graduate programs are available to those who have completed either the Cirrus Six Month or Three Stories programs.

Relationship Coaching For personal or business partnerships, "Coaching for Two" includes designing "Partnership Alliances," moving past relationship speed-bumps, creating alignment for partnerships and/or teams, and much more... Monthly program includes 2 scheduled 1-hour calls, email and phone support. Please contact Ken for more information on Relationship, Partnership or Team Coaching.

Other Cool Programs

Creativity and collaboration are a big part of my own life, so head on over to the "Cool Programs" page to have a look-see at some other goodies in the "what else do you offer?" department.

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