Volume 1, Number 6

April 12, 2005

In this issue:

  1. Greetings!
  2. Feature: Mind Movies
  3. Quote of the Month
  4. More Goodies...

  5. Greetings!

    I began writing this month's edition about seven miles over the Nevada-California state line. It seemed the perfect place to begin a conversation about looking at the bigger picture. I looked out my window, then at my computer screen. Out my window, back at my screen... Way more looking than writing, I must admit.

    I was on my way home from a job audition. (That's right - "audition" - not "interview...") Long story, and I won't be telling it this month. I will say this: the experience put me in a very expansive, spacious place, and looking out over the world from 36,000 feet was exactly what I needed at the time! (I was already up there, to a certain extent. The airplane was a timely tool to have around!) I was in a perfect place, and pleased as punch to be writing the intended piece for this month, entitled "The Long View."

    Of course, all that changed yesterday. My son and I were kicking around after school, and he started talking about "mind movies." Hmmmm. Mind movies.

    Yeah, I know my regular release date is the 10th... Yup, I was already running a day over deadline, and I did have a pretty good rant on sustainability going... Frankly, "Mind Movies" was too good to pass up! So "Mind Movies" it is!

    I've made one change to DadsNews. I've kissed the "Questions to Chew On" section good-bye. Not that big a deal from a writing stand-point. I just figured that, since I spend most days in the world of questions, it's kinda nice to have something to say.

    Just feels like a slightly simplified approach to self-expression. No questions...

    So gang, get comfortable, snag a snack, and have an enjoyable read! Look for a few more changes in future issues.

    Oh, and if you're not yet a regular DadsNews recipient, then please accept this invitation to jump aboard!

    Keep those virtual cards and letters coming - I love to hear from you...



    Feature Story: Mind Movies

    "After we read a story, we have mind-movies and then we do buddy-buzz," Cai tells me.

    "Mind-movies," I ask?

    "Yup. Mind-movies are what happens when you read a story that doesn't have any pictures. You make a mind-movie, and that's how you know what the story looks like. Then we buddy-buzz and talk about what we saw."

    Oooohhhh... Mind-movies... How cool!

    My boy is talking about vision, and he seems to really have a handle on this thing, so I push back a bit...

    "So," I say, "I think the person who wrote the story saw a mind-movie first, then wrote it down."

    Cai looks at me, crosses his arms, and says, "Of course. Did you know that all movies are mind-movies before they get made into real movies?"

    "Are you saying that everything starts with ideas," I ask?

    He thinks for a moment... "Not ideas, mind-movies! And sometimes people just start making up stories and movies without mind-movies, and then they get a mind-movie so they can finish!"

    We spend the next few minutes discussing mind-movies, father and son in the kitchen, riffing on some pretty significant concepts. This stuff that has taken me 47 years and countless books on the nature of the Universe to even begin to get a handle on. Junior Bodhisattva, on the other hand, just comes off a school bus and lays it out for me as clear as day. And with a "duh!" attitude, no less! Cai went on to tell me how the people who made some of his favorite books and movies had used their "mind-movies" to create them.

    Yeah, of course everything we create starts with an idea. Kids know this stuff intuitively, and once they have a mind-movie in their head, it isn't long before every cell in their being is vibrating with the electricity of their vision. From the parental chair, it can feel as if junior has embodied the spirit of an atomic pit-bull that refuses to let go. On one hand, a kid with a vision can be huge pain in the rear. (I was... Hypothetically...) On the other hand, there are huge lessons to be learned about jumping on a vision and riding it for all it's worth.

    Children latch onto their mind-movies about what their world can be - often without any attachment to how it all comes together. They just don't care where the toy comes from, so long as it arrives. They aren't concerned about whether their mind-movies are based in reality or not, because if they are real to the child, that's real enough.

    I've been reading Ken Wilber's "Theory of Everything" recently. Early in the book he points out that people, faced with problems, eventually find a way to solve them. As a species, we're very, very good at sitting around and coming up with solutions. We have think-tanks, brainstorming sessions, meetings of the mind, process focus groups...

    Six year-old kids? They see mind-movies, start churning, ask for what they want, and have an endless well of faith that what they saw will come to be.

    I can't say for sure, but I think it may just be that simple...

    Quote of the Month

    "The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity."

    Dorothy Parker

    More Goodies...

    I took the time to spend the better part of a day back at The MotherTree - a remarkable retreat center in Northern California. I hadn't been back there since my Leadership group graduated in late 2002. Extraordinary place, even in a cold rain. Accompanied by two of my buddies from that group of 18 amazing individuals, it brought back fond memories and re-ignited a spark that was already glowing nicely! A program well worth the time and effort it takes to get there...

    For those seeking to start a new venture - or a new adventure - I'm happy as a clam to be providing the "A Better Way to Work" program. Founded by friends and mentors Jeff Staggs and George Johnson, the heart of the program says the heart of any new business follows best from the heart... Juicy stuff for men, women and couples starting off on a fresh path. Gimme a ring at 518.580.0550, and we'll talk!

    Wanna cultivate some of that bottomless creativity you've been keeping under wraps? The Muse is returning, and Melanie Keveles and I will be running a mess o' intro classes, and all you have to do is show up! Drop a line and I'll drop you a schedule...

    Mark Brandenburg and I are revving up the engines over at the CoActive Network's Fatherhood Community. Membership will run you a grin and two minutes of computer time. The grin is optional, of course, but much appreciated...

    More cool stuff coming on Coachville's "Awesome Dads" community. Run over and have a look-see...

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    On the coaching front, I'm setting up sample appointments for the end of this month and early May. Ready for a 45-minute test drive? Let's set it up! On the house, of course!

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